National Infertility Awareness Week-We Can Help

April 22-28th is the National  Infertility Awareness Week.

Resolve- the National association says: “This year’s theme is Don’t Ignore Infertility. We chose this important message because every voice that speaks out about the realities of infertility, and every act that acknowledges infertility as a medical condition with far-reaching social and emotional implications, helps tear down the wall of ignorance and silence that surrounds this devastating disease.”

Did you know that Chinese Medicine offers powerful treatment for infertility?

Even the World Health Organization lists fertility as one of the conditions that acupuncture is effective in treating.

Doing IVF?- we can help there too:

American Society for Reproductive Medicine  October 2004) studies 114 women using IVF and randomized them into two groups. Half received acupuncture, half did not.  For the Acupuncture group:

* 51% pregnancy rate compared to 36%

* 8% miscarriage rate compared to 20%

* Reduced risk of tubal pregnancy and increase live birth rate (23% higher than control)

And treatment works for MALE partners as well:
*  Increases normal sperm ratio and motility

* Fertilization rates higher (66% vs 40%)

(Published in: J Huazhong University Sci Technology Med Sci. 2002: 22 (3): 228-30.)

At Wildwood Acupuncture Center–we are a family owned medically based clinic who will work in collaboration with other treatments you are receiving to enhance your fertility and the chances of a successful full term pregnancy.

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