Pregnant? Morning Sickness No More

Did you know that more than half of pregnant women experience morning sickness symptoms during pregnancy?

The World Health Organization (WHO), the leading authority on international health issues, has approved a list of symptoms that can be effectively treated by acupuncture; morning sickness is included on this list.

Acupuncture provides a pharmaceutical-free alternative to managing many common symptoms during pregnancy. Colds, flu, headaches, morning sickness, and pain are all commonly treated with acupuncture, but if the thought of needles has you preferring to suffer silently, think again. Just try one session and you won’t believe how gentle and relaxing a treatment is. Treatments are typically once or twice a week

There is a lot of research that supports its effectiveness.  One study, cited in Acupuncture Today, was published in Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.   This randomized, placebo-controlled crossover study showed the acupuncture recipients experienced a “significantly faster reduction of nausea.”

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Pregnancy should be a wonderful time in your life.  Don’t suffer in silence- we can help.

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