Migraines No More: the Power of Prevention

Acupuncture is most well known in the US for its ability to treat PAIN.  Not many know pain more than chronic migraine sufferers.  Migraines are severe headaches that typically include light flashes, nausea, and sensitivity to light and can last for up to days.

Some typical triggers include:

  • Allergies (to perfume, smoke, etc)
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol (especially red wine)
  • Stress
  • Changes in hormones (during period or menopause)

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Self Help Tips:

  • Turn off lights and remove any odors that are triggering
  • Use acupressure by applying pressure to pain points on your head and neck
  • Apply a hot or cold compress to your head or neck
  • Have one cup of green tea (NOT decaf- its is the caffeine in the tea that helps)


  • Treat Acute Migraine: A 2012 study published in Pain Medicine reported on a multicenter randomized controlled trial of 150 patients.  Each patient either received one 30 minute session of acupuncture or a 30 minute session of a placebo-type treatment.  Patient outcomes were measures 24 hours after this single treatment.  Pain scores in the acupuncture group dropped by 2.4, while only by .7 in the placebo group.  To read the full publication Pain.Migraine. This result shows that acupuncture is beneficial for acute migraines- so at the earliest warning signs call to come in.
  • Prevent Future Migraine: A 2011 study published in Pain reported on a multicenter randomized controlled trial of 140 patients. The acupuncture group received acupuncture 3 x a week compared to a group receiving sham/placebo-acupuncture.  Those in the “real” acupuncture group had a statistically significant decrease in the amount of migraines typically experiences.  Thus, if you are a chronic migraine sufferer, a course of acupuncture treatment can help prevent future episodes.  To read the full publication, click here: wang.migrane.prophylaxis.

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