leading-diabetes-initiative_0Diabetes is a chronic and sometimes life threatening disease that effects 25.8 million children and adults in the US.  8.3% of the population has diabetes. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US.  To download the Center for Disease Control 2011 Fact Sheet on Diabetes click here: diabetes.fact.sheet


What is Diabetes? (from the Mayo Clinic)

“The term “diabetes mellitus” refers to a group of diseases that affect how your body uses blood glucose, commonly called blood sugar. Glucose is vital to your health because it’s an important source of energy for the cells that make up your muscles and tissues. It’s your brain’s main source of fuel.

If you have diabetes, no matter what type, it means you have too much glucose in your blood, although the reasons may differ. Too much glucose can lead to serious health problems.

Chronic diabetes conditions include type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Potentially reversible diabetes conditions include prediabetes — when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be classified as diabetes — and gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy.”

Symptoms of Diabetes: (from American Diabetes Association)

“Diabetes often goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms seem so harmless.

Recent studies indicate that the early detection of diabetes symptoms and treatment can decrease the chance of developing the complications of diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes

  • Frequent urination
  • Unusual thirst
  • Extreme hunger
  • Unusual weight loss
  • Extreme fatigue and Irritability

Type 2 Diabetes

  • Any of the type 1 symptoms
  • Frequent infections
  • Blurred vision
  • Cuts/bruises that are slow to heal
  • Tingling/numbness in the hands/feet
  • Recurring skin, gum, or bladder infections

If you have one or more of these diabetes symptoms, see your doctor right away.”

How Can Acupuncture Help?

  • Acupuncture is used to treat many secondary conditions of diabetes including diabetic neuropathy, fatigue, depression and more.
  • In a randomized controlled study of 65 diabetic patients with neuropathy, the acupuncture group showed a 87.5% effectiveness rate versus a 63.6% rate in the control group (significant difference P<.05).  To read a full copy of the publication click here: J.TCM.diabetic.neuropathy
  • Acupuncture has been shown to lower blood glucose, lower the release of pancreatic enzymes, and modulate the immune system to help with healing processes.   

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