Research News: Depression

what-is-depression-943x345Newly published research out of the United Kingdom (MacPherson et al., 2013) finds that
acupuncture significantly improved depression compared to those receiving only “usual” care (i.e., anti-depressants). This study is important not only for the results, but for its robust research methods.  The study design was a randomized controlled trial which recruited a large sample size N=755 who scored moderate to severe depression on the Beck Depression Inventory.  Patients received an average of 10 acupuncture treatments in the first treatment arm, or an average of 9 therapy sessions in the second treatment arm compared to the control group who received usual care.

Results: “Compared to usual care, there was a statistically significant reduction in mean depression scores at 3 months for acupuncture (−2.46, 95% CI −3.72 to −1.21) and over 12 months for acupuncture (−1.55, 95% CI −2.41 to −0.70).”[1]

These findings suggest that including acupuncture as part of usual care provides enhanced benefits for patients and works to further reduce depressive symptoms.

Depression effects 1 in 6 people in their lifetime—unfortunately anti-depressant medications only work for 50% of patients with depression.  Therefore, these findings offer hope to the half of patients who struggle with depression even with medication or for those who would like a non-pharmaceutical option to the treatment of depression.

To read a full copy of this publication, journal.pmed.1001518

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[1] MacPherson H, Richmond S, Bland M, Brealey S, Gabe R, et al. (2013) Acupuncture and Counselling for Depression in Primary Care: A Randomised Controlled Trial. PLoS Med 10(9): e1001518. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001518