Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year falls on February 19th this year. In China, over two weeks of feasting and fun follow with colorful parades, visits to family and friends, fireworks, and all kinds of ancient (and not-so-ancient) rituals to help bring in the new year.

This is the time of year for a fresh start. Debts are settled, houses are cleaned thoroughly, lots of delicious food is eaten, and everyone tries to begin the year on a healthy positive note.

Feel free to follow some of the suggestions below to create your own Chinese New Year’s celebration with your family and friends to ring in a healthy new year for everyone!

1. Sweeping up: All houses are cleaned early on New Year eve, sweeping out all of the left overs from last year.

2. Making dumplings: Dumplings represent wealth. During the festivities, families and friends gather together to make big trays of dumplings. Try our recipe for dumplings found here:

3. Writing red paper scrolls: Write positive words such as “health” or “prosperity” and on red paper. Provide paper and crayons or markers so everyone can create wishes.

4. Lucky red envelopes: Children pay respects to their elders by bowing and then are given little red envelopes filled with money.

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