Acupuncture for Alleviating Chronic Severe Functional Constipation

Chronic-Constipation-Words-Slider1by Jamaluddin Moloo, MD, MPH reviewing Liu Z et al. Ann Intern Med 2016 Sep 13.
Patients who underwent electroacupuncture had greater increases in weekly bowel movements than did those who underwent a sham procedure.

Acupuncture has been used to manage chronic constipation, but evidence of its effectiveness is limited. In this multicenter trial from China, researchers randomized 1075 patients (age range, 17–85; 76% women) with chronic severe functional constipation (i.e., fewer than 3 complete spontaneous bowel movements [BMs] weekly) to receive electroacupuncture (EA) or sham EA; patients underwent 28 sessions during 8 weeks and were followed for 12 additional weeks after treatments ended.

At baseline, the mean number of BMs weekly was approximately 0.4 in both groups. At 8 weeks, increases from baseline in mean weekly BMs were 1.76 in the EA group and 0.87 in the sham EA group — a significant difference. Differences between groups remained significant through the end of follow-up. The proportion of patients who had three or more mean weekly BMs during follow-up was significantly greater in the EA group than in the sham EA group (38% vs. 14%).


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