Sciatica: A Talk with Dr. Ming

Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along that path of the sciatic nerve, from the low back, through the buttock and hip, and down to the leg and foot.

Sciatica commonly occurs due to herniated discs, bone spurs on the spine, or a narrowing of the spine which compresses the nerve, known as spinal stenosis.

The pathology of sciatica is pinched nerve and inflammation.

Sciatica symptoms often develop as pain in the low lumbar, buttock, and down the back or the side to the leg. Pain can be achy, sharp, burning, or excruciating.  It can also be a numbness, tingling, or muscle weakness; affecting patients range of motion and activities of daily life.

Complications of sciatica include a loss of feeling and weakness in the affected leg, loss of bowel or bladder function, and an imbalance when walking or standing.

Acupuncture vs. Sciatica – Acupuncture treatment can reduce sciatica because it reduces inflammation, muscle tightness and improves blood circulation.

Acupuncture can be one of the best choices for doctors and patients due to its effectiveness and safety.  Most sciatica patients should see some improvement from 5-15 treatments of acupuncture.  Progress will be accumulative with treatments. Patients should consult with their physician if sciatica is not improved.

Acupuncture points often used are: B23, B25, B54, B37, B57, B60, G29, G30, G31, G34, G39

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