Acupuncture and Sports Injury

Dr. Ming talks about Acupuncture and Sports Injury Especially for Professional Athletes, Dancers, and Musicians

Acupuncture is a very successful treatment for acute and chronic sports injuries. Many sports teams do use acupuncture to decrease healing time and resolve ailments for improving their performance. The common sports injury conditions treated by acupuncture are:

• Tennis elbow
• Golf elbow
• Pitchers shoulder
• Tendinitis
• Achilles pain
• Bursitis
• Heel pain
• Soft tissue injuries
• Back strain
• Ankle sprain
• Trick knee
• Plumbers pain
• Concussion due to sports
• Traumatic arthritis
• Pinched Nerve
• Disc Herniation

Athlete patients can have beneficial effects from acupuncture such as range of motion improved; healing time reduced; weakened parts enhanced; and performance improved.
How acupuncture works for sports injuries:
• Reduce acute muscle sprain
• Reduce severe acute pain
• Reduce chronic pain
• Improve local blood circulation
• Decrease inflammation
• Reduce swelling

For acute sports injury, the sooner one can get acupuncture treatment the better, for a better result. It’s medically necessary to consult with a doctor to rule out severe conditions by x-ray or MRI, e.g. fracture or rupture and get an accurate diagnosis.
For chronic sports injury, acupuncture should be applied 2-3 times per week. Patient should feel improvement within 2-4 weeks.

It should also conclude Chinese Herbal formulas, such as Arthro-AidR created by Dr. Ming, stretching, and rehab exercises for sports injury in order to speed up the healing process.

Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors and acupuncturists classify chronic sports injury as deficiency of vital energy (Qi), and refers to weakness or blockage of Qi. Efficacy of acupuncture is high, unless surgery is needed.

Dr. Ming was a champion of discus throwing in Beijing, a first-class athlete of track and field from October 1959 through May 1966. He specialized in sports injury at the Institute of Sports Medicine, Beijing Medical University.
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