Needle-Free Treatment Options

Needle-Free Treatment Options

(Please note that needle-free therapies may not be covered by your medical insurance)

Laser Acupuncture (No Needles!)

Laser acupuncture is completely painless. Laser acupuncture allows us to treat patients who choose not to receive needle acupuncture. During laser acupuncture, points will be stimulated using a handheld laser. Studies have shown that these lasers can help regenerate cells, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and reduce pain.

Research studies on laser acupuncture have included advanced brain imaging and other modern methods for measuring results. These studies show that laser acupuncture has physiological effects locally and in the brain, similar to needle acupuncture.

Magnet Acupuncture (No Needles!)

Magnets treatment is completely painless and may be used instead of needles on acupuncture points. During treatment, magnets will be placed on the body in various locations on the body to stimulate the acupuncture points. Magnet therapy is an alternative for patients who do not wish to use needle acupuncture. After the treatment, these magnets will be removed and a new set of take-home magnets will be applied.

Medical Qi Gong

Qigong is a self-healing art that combines movement and meditation. Visualizations are employed to enhance the mind/body connection and assist healing. Regular practice of Qigong can help to prevent and treat illness, reduce stress – establish balance and integrate mind/body/spirit.

Professor Xiao Ming Tian has been practicing Medical Qigong since the 1980′s and teaches his patients easy-to-learn techniques.

Our office offers private Qigong classes customized for your individual treatment needs as a form of therapeutic exercise.